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Rehearsals RESUME APRIL 7,2022







Thursday APRIL 7 2022  7:30 to 9:30pm

Willoughby Church Fellowship Hall



FCC is back. FCC is serious about being back. FCC is changing – has to.

   Please COME BACK & JOIN IN and grow.


A lot of dedicated people have contributed in the last couple of months to re-open FCC and create a vision for the future. Now: come back  -  re-discover what we have -   then what we want –  then we go and make it happen.  Together.

The BIG NEWS HEADLINES [stories on page 2]

FCC is back. 

Re-opening in-person April 7 – 7:30 to 9:30 - Willoughby Church - 20025 72Ave Langley

“It’s been a long long time…...”   – come meet, greet and sing with your friends again.               

Recapture something of your “previous” life – come, express it, sing it and RING it again.

WOW ! - CHARLIE METZGER – is out front – our new Interim Music Director

FCC cares about Health and Safety – extra safety protocol


Pls click and email your answer to:       [email protected]                 Let’s see what rates

The song I missed the most and want to sing IS  …………………………………………………………………………..

s / Health Doc




Chorus is re-opening in-person April 7

After more than 2 years of COVID closure, we are (almost) ready to re-open. The decision to prepare for reopening was made in early January – (Eazy Peezy) - Book the Hall - transfer the Zoom program to Real Time (Oops), tell the Chorus (Who?). And, get going ! Three months later, it’s April 7. A new world is still emerging out there. President, Board, members and some outsiders, have covered a lot of territory and are all eager to see us re-open & succeed.   Please join us if you are comfortable doing so. If not, understood without question.    

 It’s been a long long time”            Recapture something of your “previous life”

Yes, it has been a long time – 2 years since we last sang together or sang at all. Recently, I recorded a couple of my Zoom session songs. Knew it was not good – Fact: Not even close.          So it will be some daily practice for the next 2 weeks for me . Try it, you will like it too.

WOW ! - CHARLIE METZGER – is out front

Charlie is our new Interim Music Director at FCC. How good is that? Re-opening reality was, we do not have Music Director. Danny, Mike and Heather not available in the immediate future for health & personal reasons. So we did a search and Charlie was the choice and available. It’s going to be A GOOD TIME, not A LONG TIME!!  WE will have the opportunity to make the most of Charlie’s talents and experience to help us internally in musical & chorus development. Externally, we will demonstrate FCC is back & is serious about being back.    

FCC cares about Health and Safety Protocols.

The majority of our members and families are in the very high risk “age” category and must be protected. Literally, in recently days, PHO safety protocols have been relaxed or dropped. The effects of these decisions are not yet known. FCC have mandated the following Health & Safety Protocols, April 7 to 31 that exceed PHO guidelines. Mandates will be re-assessed April 30.

  • Pre-entry Screening Form per meeting, covering recent health and activity history. Attached to email – fillable Screening Form – please complete and present on arrival (to save time)
  • Proof of full COVID vaccination of 2 registered vacs plus 1 registered booster vac.
  • Full masking, with hospital grade ASTM Level 3 or better as provided by the Chorus.
  • Social distancing in the singing locations of the Chorus or group.
  • The Mechanical Systems for the Hall and facility regarding: all heating, ventilation, air conditioning plus air quality and rate of air change to be in accordance or exceed the Provincial Health standards and to the satisfaction of FCC.
  • Sanitizing provided and encouraged usage
  • Frequent singing breaks through-out rehearsals for ”stretch and breath” and may   include personal time outside and airing out the rehearsal space.            Members-Guests, Pls bring your vax card, URL, phone vax passport, ID etc.  Can’t get in without it.