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Being A Barbershopper


                                                  Being a Barbershopper


Sing because you love it,  be passionate,  own a pitch pipe, sing in the shower,  sing in the car,  smile with your eyes,  be a leader,  cry if you feel like it,  stay on pitch,  sing with your son,  go to contests,  sing for free,  write a song,  sing harmony,  tell a baritone joke,  sing bass once in your life,  learn a tag,  explain what a diphthong is,  dance while you sing,  be in the front row,  stay up all night singing,  read a music book,  sing louder than the cd you are listening to,  go to harmony school,  make the coffee,  be a coach,  give encouragement,  make a guest feel welcome,  wear your name badge,  sing in a quartet,  help young people sing,  hold a seventh chord forever,  know the pitch for every song,  practice every day,  believe in yourself,  listen to others- especially your lead,  sing for old people,  preserve the past for the youth of tomorrow,  breathe deeply,  be a chorus singer,  laugh a lot,  sing with fondness at a chorus member’s memorial,  share your joy with a friend,  listen for the angels singing,  help the children speak,  volunteer,  listen to the wisdom of judges,  be glad you know a tenor,  listen to jazz but sing the old songs,  keep the whole world singing . . . 


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