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Danny Tryon

Director VP Music and Performance

Danny Tryon

Over the 30 years that he has been with the First Capital Chorus he has sang the lead, bass and now baritone parts; has been part section leader; scripted shows;  sang in quartets  as well as held positions on the executive board for 30 years in roles from  president to Music and Performance Vice President.

However, the position that has meant the most is the one he has done for the past 20 years, that being music director for this chorus. He brings a wealth of vocal knowledge acquired from vocal instructions from music teachers as well as many workshops and courses offered at the various Harmony Colleges sponsored by the Barbershop Harmony Society.

Danny says:  “I am proud of the commitment of our singers to produce a rich, balanced sound each week by learning their music and applying the skills they learn to making an even better sound.  People are attracted to our group because of our approach to singing and our willingness to share our joy and knowledge with the ordinary singer. Our music program is varied to allow a good balance between getting ready for shows each year, attending contests, and promoting quartet activities.

      Our repertoire is large and reflects the diversity of this chorus, and includes songs from the 40s, doo-wop sounds of the 50s and good old barbershop standards as well as Christmas music.

We need to ensure that this type of music and a cappella style of singing survives... so we encourage men and now women, young and old, to come out any Thursday night and experience a great time with some great guys and develop friendships and skills that will last a life time.