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Mixed Chorus is HERE!!!

24 Oct. 2018 Posted by Danny Tryon

After 80 Years, Women ARE Welcome to Join the Men IN Singing Barbershop Harmony

If you’re familiar with Barbershop singing, you might have an image of a bunch of guys wearing boater hats & mustaches singing Sweet Adeline. Correct since 1938, for 80 years.

But not so anymore! The Barbershop Harmony Society (BHS) released a statement from Nashville, Tennessee on June 19 this year, stating “…. We welcome women to join BHS as fully participating members.” The mantra for this new genre is “Everyone in Harmony”. Men only and Women only and Mixed groups are now all part of the future of BHS. Each person, each quartet, each ensemble and each full Chorus can now find the best mix of male and female singers, of every age, every race, every sexual orientation, every political opinion or spiritual belief, to sing and make music together in the Canada, USA, and worldwide! Everyone in Harmony - Everywhere.

The parallel to the all male and BHS, is the all female Sweet Adeline International (SAI) who set up women’s barbershop singing in 1945 and exists as such to the present.

The Langley First Capital Chorus (FCC) has been singing in the barbershop style and entertaining locally since 1970, when 12 male members incorporated as a BHS Chapter, a BC Society and a Registered Charity. Membership grew to 85 at its peak and presently 35 members, including 2 women, enjoy singing 4-part harmony plus the camaraderie and social benefits that flow from creating wonderful music together. ( 250 words)

Mixed Barbershop - What Happens Next?

Early in 2018, Langley FCC decided it was time to become a Mixed Chorus, with male and female members, then without BHS sanction. In reality, Langley has recognized the benefits of having women singing with us for more than a decade, helping us to make great music. On January 1st, 2019, Langley FCC is officially going Mixed and current members are excited about prospects for the future of barbershop harmony. While maintaining basic Barbershop roots, adding female voices into the male chorus will require changes: voice auditions, different contemporary songs, different mixed arrangements of old songs, new mixed music director(s) to teach us and no doubt many things and dynamics we don’t even know about yet, not the least being changes to the Constitution to be inclusive for Everyone. All of this will not happen over night but will emerge in a manner to best serve and suit all. Be assured that our process and our future for EVERYONE will be about a commitment to harmony, equality and friendship that we have enjoyed as a family in Langley, for the last 50 years.  (189 words)

Come join our 2019 Christmas Community Chorus

Starting Thursday Nov. 14, 2019 you can preview what it is like to sing in a Mixed Voice Chorus by joining us for 5 Thursdays at no charge and with no auditions as we prepare for our annual Christmas Bureau Charity Concert SATURDAY Dec. 14th. All rehearsals and concert are at the Willoughby Church located at 20525 72nd Ave. Langley starting at 7:00pm. Langley, White Rock Surrey and Abbotsford singers are welcome. Over the years we have raised $125,000 for local charities.

We welcome you to be a part of this great organization and celebrate our 51th Anniversary in 2020 as a Mixed Chorus!