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John Breckenridge's blog

22 Jan. 2015 Posted by John Breckenridge

Logging In

I have been approached by some members about problems relogging onto the website. The only conclusion I could reach is that they were exiting out of the website without logging out of it. When you first enter the Public site, look at the top right corner. Is your name there? If so, you are logged in already, just click on the "members only" button and you will be on the Dashboard page. If you name wasn't there, when you click on the "members only" button you will end up at the Log In page which you will have to fill in. The website cannot have two of you on it at the same time.

27 Aug. 2015 Posted by John Breckenridge

Congratulations, Roger Bose

Roger has been named as a civic treasure of Surrey along with Alex Browne and Cora a Don Li-Leger for their contributions to the arts and heritage communities in Surrey which are significant and form part of the city's cultural legacy. This press release was made Tuesday August 25, 2015.

You can read more about these individuals in your local newspaper.